Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Journalists are human--and have feelings, too

We recently had a client not upload an article to their website because they didn’t like a particular sentence.

We didn’t know this know until the draft of articles published that quarter was given to us for review.  

Not only had they left out the reporter, but they included a rival’s version of the story.

This may not matter—although reporters do appreciate getting hits for articles posted on social media, etc.—but that reporter broke the story, an issue with journalists.  

The client's business also was the reporter's beat, so could write story after story; while the rival only wrote about businesses once.

As a result of a seemingly innocuous decision, the client could have lost the only local reporter currently covering their  issues.  

When I explained the consequences to the CEO, she immediately saw that the article should have been included in the newsletter and on the website; had she been involved in the decision, it would have been.

Luckily, we caught it in time and think that the client’s team will better appreciate the “politics of the media" in future.

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